Our Story

In 2001 Kenny Dichter and his partners introduced Marquis Jet, which revolutionized the private aviation industry with its introduction of the first ever 25-hour fractional jet card. In creating Marquis Jet, Kenny and his team were reacting to a need in the marketplace for guaranteed access to type-specific, fleet-specific aircraft without the cost and burden of purchasing a fractional ownership interest. In 2010, after more than $4 Billion of jet card sales, Marquis Jet was sold to NetJets, a Berkshire Hathaway company.

Over the past ten years, the consumer mindset has changed again.

We believe that existing programs (fractional, card, charter, etc.) are not addressing today’s consumer needs. Traditional flyers are less likely to own their own whole aircraft or even fractions; they are right-sizing their commitments and flying smarter. Wheels Up offers better economics and more choices with a range of products to offer. While other companies in our space are tethered to existing business models, Wheels Up is evolving to meet the needs of the private aviation consumer.

The Wheels Up closed-fleet of King Air 350i aircraft appeals to those that currently fly privately, as well as the large market of flyers new to private aviation.

With a modest initiation fee and reasonable annual dues, we are positioned to capture a new group of consumers and further democratize the industry. Private aviation is no longer just for the ultra high net worth individual or corporation.

We have identified all the best attributes from the universe of private aviation and combined them into one solution. Enhanced with innovative technology and our Wheels Down program, we’ve created an extraordinary service that provides guaranteed occupied hourly pricing and the flexibility to pay only for what you need.