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Delp Walker







Serena Williams

Professional Tennis Player and Entrepreneur

Wheels Up has branded the ease and efficiency of private aviation like no one else. It’s style, substance, and for me, the best way to travel.

Rickie Fowler

Professional Golfer

As a professional athlete, travel is a huge part of my life. With tournaments, sponsor obligations, and training, I spend up to forty weeks a year on the road. Over the course of my golf career, that can add up significantly. The Cessna Citation Excel/XLS is spacious enough to bring friends along for the ride, and the King Air 350i can access shorter runways, bringing me closer to more remote tournaments. I train hard to be the best professional golfer, and Wheels Up is the most efficient way to stick to my schedule and advance my career.

Erin Andrews

Sportscaster, Journalist,
Television Personality

With two hectic hosting gigs, I’m always on the go. I spend weekends covering football games across the country, and then it’s back to L.A. on Sunday night to rest up for a Monday taping on the dance floor. With Wheels Up, I know my aircraft is guaranteed, and the crew is always available. I rely on the King Air 350i to manage two busy jobs and still get home for some much-needed down time.

Billy Bush

Television Personality

Wheels Up has lowered the point of entry, so I can enjoy more time away with family and friends. When I travel for leisure, the King Air 350i just makes sense. It’s quiet, comfortable, and roomy enough for a big group, so we can turn the trip into a social event.

Stephen Astephen

Managing Director, Wasserman

Wheels Up is a whole new generation of travel. The new mobile app makes it easy to book flights, and the onboard Wi-Fi helps me stay connected. Wheels Up helps me keep up with my action sports clients, but also leaves me time for what really matters—my family.

Kirk Herbstreit

College Football Analyst, Color Commentator, Father, Husband

Saturdays keep me on set from early morning to well past midnight. The Cessna Citation Excel/XLS is the most efficient way to get home after a hectic day, without wasting time on a connecting flight. With Wheels Up, I know I’m getting the best service on the right aircraft, so I can get home safely to my family in Tennessee.

Joey Logano

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Driver, 2015 DAYTONA 500 Champion, Philanthropist

I know what professionalism looks like – my race team is the best of the best. With Wheels Up,
I’m flying with highly trained pilots and brand new aircraft that meet the same standards I expect
from my own race cars. When I don’t have to waste half a day on a flight, I can make the most of
my time on the track.

Chris Blackwell

Founder of Island Records and Island Outpost, Creator of Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum

The King Air 350i and the Cessna Citation Excel/XLS are equipped for the shorter runway at Ian Fleming International Airport, so my guests can land closer to my resort (GoldenEye) on the island’s north coast. Short-haul trips are easy and efficient without the two-hour drive to Montego Bay, and since Wheels Up flights are guaranteed, I know they’ll always make it in time for a cocktail at sunset.

Ken Austin

Founder of Avión Tequila

As an entrepreneur, I make my own schedule. Visibility is key in the spirits industry, and with the King Air 350i, I can travel to any market at a moment’s notice – while the competition is in one, I can reach three.

Irwin Simon

CEO, Hain Celestial Group, Inc.
Father, Husband, Entrepreneur

There is so much I have to get done as a father, a husband, and a CEO. From my standpoint, time is the new luxury. The King Air 350i is the most efficient way to make every appointment, from visiting plants in Pennsylvania to meeting with retailers in Rochester to spending a night with the kids in New York. It’s the smartest way to balance my work schedule with my family life, while still watching my bottom line.

Ashley Delp Walker

Managing Director - Jefferies
Global Head of Syndicate - Jefferies

The window to market an IPO is very limited. We need to see as many investors as possible. On the King Air, I never have to worry about wasting time – I can get in, get out, and get on with business, no matter where I’m headed. Everything I need for a successful road show is available in one safe, reliable service.

Doug Ellin

Creator, Writer, and Director of Entourage

My schedule is packed, so my time is priceless. When I’m promoting a film, the Wheels Up Cessna Citation Excel/XLS helps me keep up with the press while keeping eight of my cast and crew comfortable and close at hand. With a dynamic mobile app, on-board Wi-Fi and safe, speedy aircraft, Wheels Up makes the impossible possible—keeping me on schedule and on budget.

Jake Steinfeld

Fitness Entrepreneur, Founder Major League Lacrosse

Wheels Up is the most efficient way for me to give back while still saving time for my family. There’s a lot of iron out there, but Wheels Up is about productivity, passion and people power.

Stuart McWhorter

Father, Partner and
Chairman of Clayton Associates

Traveling with five kids means there’s always another bag to pack and another window seat to fight over. But a Wheels Up membership makes every part of the trip fast and hassle-free, turning our flight time into part of the whole vacation experience. On the King Air 350i, unmatched passenger and baggage capacity means there’s room for everyone to stretch out, play games, and enjoy the view. Even in the air, Wheels Up helps us make the most of our time together.

Joe Poulin

CEO, Luxury Retreats

Much like my business, Wheels Up creates a high quality travel experience that members can rely on, so there are no unwelcome surprises. My Wheels Up membership gives me the most efficient service without having to commit to a long-term plan. With the King Air 350i, I can travel on my own schedule, on a fleet of exceptional aircraft

David Adelman

CEO of Campus Apartments LLC, Entrepreneur, Husband, Father

The Wheels Up King Air 350i helps me to access shorter runways in more remote locations, so I can land closer to colleges in small towns, speeding up the journey and getting home to my family faster.

Richard Kirshenbaum

Chief Executive Officer, NSG/SWAT
Father, Husband, Columnist, Author

The advertising business is a client service business – and not all of our clients are here in New York. We rely on Wheels Up to make those valuable face-to-face connections that keep our business strong. Availability is guaranteed, so my team and I never have to worry about falling behind schedule when we’re working on a deadline. And since the King Air 350i lets our team access shorter runways and more remote locations, we can land closer to our clients and make all the meetings on time.

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